What determines adoption of e-banking among Nigerians? A conceptual approach

Extant studies in the field of consumer behavior and information technology acceptance have established that adoption of electronic banking is determined by several factors.While several of these studies emanate from developed nations, few are available in developing countries like Nigeria.Aside, mo...

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التفاصيل البيبلوغرافية
المؤلفون الرئيسيون: Salimon, Maruf Gbadebo, Yusoff, Rushami Zien, Mohd Mokhtar, Sany Sanuri
التنسيق: مقال
منشور في: Faculty of Business Management, UiTM, Malaysia. 2016
الوصول للمادة أونلاين:http://repo.uum.edu.my/21267/1/JEEIR%204%202%20%20%202016%201%2012.pdf
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