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  1. What is MALRep?

    MALRep is a discovery service that enables searching of the Malaysian Academic Library Institutional Repository by using Open Archive Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting Service (OAI-PMH). It helps you find information across a variety of resources from the local and government-linked company universities’ libraries in Malaysia.

  2. What can I find on MALRep?

    MALRep can retrieve a wide range of digital content such as articles, peer reviewed, thesis, working paper, newspaper, final year project, and many more items residing in MALRep’s participating universities’ institutional repositories.

  3. How are the content organized?

    The content has been grouped into categories via various facets of the results. You can navigate across the various types of content easily. The narrowing search features includes institution, format, language, and year of publication.

  4. Can I get full text records from MALRep?

    Due to copyright and permissions policies, access to some content is limited. Please click get full text link that available for selected record. It will direct you to the Institutional Repositories website. For details on the access of the respective databases you can click Ask a Librarian page and contact the officer in charge for participating institutions.

  5. Do I need to login in order to use MALRep?

    The search feature will work even without login. You will be prompted to login when you select Save to List option.

  6. How can I submit a feedback or a question?

    To send us your feedback, simply leave your comments or suggestions in the Feedback page.