Utilizing Coagulant Plants in the Development of Functional Dairy Foods and Beverages: A Mini Review

Proteases are commonly available to the dairy industry and becoming saturated in their potential for further productivity among health-conscious people, which has driven positive attention towards plant-based coagulants. This review explored the possibility of coagulant plants as an ideal choice in...

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التفاصيل البيبلوغرافية
المؤلفون الرئيسيون: Bathmanathan, Rupbansraaj, Yasmin Amira, Che Yahya, M. M., Yusoff, Jaya Vejayan, Palliah
التنسيق: مقال
منشور في: Science Alert 2019
الوصول للمادة أونلاين:http://umpir.ump.edu.my/id/eprint/25289/1/Utilizing%20Coagulant%20Plants%20in%20the%20Development.pdf
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