Enterprise-Wide Risk Management (EWRM) implementation, compliance and value creation among Public Listed Companies (PLCs) in Malaysia / Norlida Abdul Manab

The Enterprise-Wide Risk Management (EWRM) concept seems to be gaining ground worldwide. Although this concept is still new in many parts of Asia, and Malaysia in particular, there are positive indications that EWRM is beginning to receive much attention, and that this topic is being widely discusse...

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التفاصيل البيبلوغرافية
المؤلف الرئيسي: Abdul Manab, Norlida
التنسيق: أطروحة
منشور في: 2009
الوصول للمادة أونلاين:http://ir.uitm.edu.my/id/eprint/5465/1/TP_NORLIDA%20ABDUL%20MANAB%20BM%2009_5%201.pdf
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