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VKMB1011 Pembangunan Masyarakat 1
Taklimat Tahunan 2010
Kata-kata aluan Timbalan Pengetua HEP
Kata-kata aluan Timbalan Provos HEP
Kata-kata aluan Provos HEP
Virtual reality based training for assembly and disassembly process in automotive industry
Research and Development Facts & Figures 2004
Research and Development Facts & Figures 2005
Langkah-langkah untuk deposit rekod ke dalam UTM-IR
Research Management Centre Annual Report 2004/2005
The use of natural gas as fuel for motorcycles
Faculty of Chemical and Natural Resources Engineering Annual Report 2006
Fakulti gemilang, graduat terbilang
Terms of Reference for a Desktop Study on Water Demand Management for an Industrial Area in Malaysia
Fuzzy logic controller for a partially simulated chemical reactor system
Experimental investigation on the performance of domestic refrigerator using isobutane and mixture of propane, butane and isobutene
A rare case of Hodgkin's breast lymphoma masquerading as locally advanced breast carcinoma.
Towards better healthcare for everyone
New rapid ultrasound technique to assess synovitis of small joints of hands
Graphene SpeedmartĀ®