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Using unified modeling language for conceptual modelling of knowledge-based systems
Superfluous or moderation? The effect of religious value on conspicuous consumption behavior for luxury products
Antecedents to willingness to boycotts among Malaysian muslims
Nearest neighbour distance matrix classification
Supervised associative learning in spiking neural network
Learning anticipation through priming in spatio-temporal neural networks
Pair-associate learning with modulated spike-time dependent plasticity
Modelling the stroop effect: Dynamics in inhibition of automatic stimuli processing
Neural networks in cognitive science
Langkah menangani dan membasmi gangguan seksual menurut kod amalan dan perspektif Islam: Suatu perbandingan
Kepekaan terhadap hak-hak kebebasan asasi di Malaysia: Realiti semasa dan antarabangsa
Kedudukan pesalah kanak-kanak menurut perspektif undang-undang sivil dan syariah
Pekerjaan dalam kehidupan manusia
Budaya unggul pekerja awam / badan berkanun
UMNO and BN in the 2004 election: The political culture of complex identities
Pembudayaan pekerja dalam arus transformasi negara
Evaluation of Enterprise Information Architecture (EIA) practices in Malaysia
An efficient perceptual color indexing method for content-based image retrieval using uniform color space
Experiment on modified artificial bee colony for better global optimisation
Chapter 1: Introduction